Shamanic and Psychospiritual Therapy

Sharon G. Mijares, Ph.D.

NM 1496/ CA PSY 16127

Shamanic & Spiritually Focused Psychotherapy

Silver City, NM

Grass Valley, CA


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Intuitive Guidance

Spiritual Science

Shamanic Healing Practices

Co-Facilitating Transformation

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Good psychotherapy should increase a sense of well-being, and influence the quality of your life.  Depth trance work often awakens innate areas of intuition, compassion and strength. It increases your capacity to know your own soul. Perhaps there is a part of you that dissociated in early life. It is the gift of the shaman to reach through to this lost soul part and guide it back to safety.

If, and when a client is ready, I like to elicit the consciousness of the body-mind and its inner archetypal realms (see some of my papers on this website) through breathing processes, body awareness, drumming and trance.

My psychotherapy practice is centered in a spiritual, humanistic and experiential perspective. I also have a diverse background as I teach future psychotherapists in university programs so am well grounded in both psychological and spiritual traditions.

You could have a destiny in your soul and your life is being challenged both within and around you. You can embrace all experience, act with wisdom and create change. Traditional psychotherapy tends to focus on symptoms hoping to alleviate them--rather than to listen to what might be a deeper meaning.  The result of our effort would be greater wholeness rather than simply the absence of symptoms. They are often signposts, suggesting a needed direction. 

Rather than diagnosis, I prefer intuition and guidance supported by alternative processes to evoke the client’s innate ways of knowing. Guided trance enables you to journey into lower, middle and upper worlds.  You meet guides and receive messages to facilitate your healing and growth. I do believe that this is important preparation in order to help facilitate change in the larger world.  We are all connected and your healing helps heal the world as well.

I only work with limited clients at a time. I take our work quite seriously. Also, if considering doing this work, the client needs to be willing to embrace the learning in difficult times as well as the good ones. We learn from it all, but the difficult moments bring up unconscious and collective material so it can be integrated. 

My life has not been an easy one and I don't regret anything I've experienced as it has allowed depth and quality learning. It and my extensive education have informed how I work. 

My shamanic training began sponteneously in 1988, but I also bring practices I have been learning from Cametsa healers, Celina de Leon and Taita Juan Agreda of the Sibundoy valley.  I was certified in working with Spiritual Emergence crises in 1995, and have a lot of training in this area.

Sometimes a session generally uses ceremonial rituals as well, including sobladas and limpias.  I sometimes encourage deep breathwork to integrate the healing therapy.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to with any questions and to schedule an appointment.

Email me for an appointment.

NOTE:  I do NOT take any insurance programs, but fees are based on your income.  Over $60,000 annually, my fee is $125 an hour/under $60,000 annually, my fee is $90.  

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